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Supplying Cleaning Solutions to Restaurant, Cleaning, Oil Industry and more


Basic Qualities of Badger Green

Badger Green is a new product that defies science and known logic. Everybody in the science community would say it is impossible to have a product with this high of a PH level and not be caustic. We are here to inform and enlighten that logic. It would be illogical, as a business, to make this claim if it were not true.

Badger Green is a strong, high PH, 10 to 11.5, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable “Green” cleaner and degreaser. It has no phosphates, no solvents, no sodium hydroxide, no butanol, no VOCs, and no traces of any hidden toxic ingredients whatsoever. It is not labeled biodegradable simply because it will be dispersed in millions of gallons of water like all of the so called, toxic, “biodegradable” cleaning products out there. It is bio-degradable on its own without the help of millions of gallons of water.

So what is Badger Green’s secret?


PH levels are defined on a scale ranging from 0-14. A product with a PH level of 0-6 is an acid and products with a range of 8-14 are alcanic [base]. A ph level of 7 is neutral. Products below a level of 4, and above a level of 10 are extremely caustic and will pollute the environment as well as irritate human skin. In heavy concentrations they can cause serious burns. The majority of our products have a PH level of 10 to 12.2.

By nature, our products should be highly corrosive. Products with high PH levels such as Badger Green will normally damage metals. Independent testing has proven that Badger Green is perfectly safe for use on all metals.

It gets fantastic results for ultrasonic cleaning, plunge baths, and is safe to use on circuit boards to remove flux. We can also add a rust inhibitor to provide temporary corrosion protection for items that need painting. Note: If you rinse treated item with water, you will also rinse away the rust inhibitor.

We are the exception to the rule of science. Tests have also proven that our products are completely harmless to inorganic colored fabrics, which are the large majority of inks used, and washable surfaces.

Biological Biodegradability Of The Product

The latest directives state that a product is biologically biodegradable if its ultimate level of biodestruction — its breakdown to non-harmful elements naturally found in the environment — is more than 80%. What the standards do not say is how the test is to be preformed to verify compliance with the definition.
Tests were carried out on Badger Green in its highest concentration. Glucose, a substance that is highly biodestructible, was used for comparison. After 28 days, at 20 degrees Celsius, there was a biodestruction of 85%, which is very good.

Tensio-active working

Tensio-active working refers to how well a substance reduces the surface tension of a liquid. In this case it refers to how well Badger Green reduces the surface tension of water in such a way that the water actually gets thinner, the viscosity is reduced. When cleaning with a solution, the greater the tension-active working properties of the solution, the easier dirt will be washed away.

For example, rainwater tends to pool on a car. However, on a car treated with Badger Green, the raindrops will not bond together, but will flatten out and disperse — the water’s surface tension is broken.

Several elements in Badger Green are responsible for this phenomena. They have names like “surfactants”, “dampers”, etc. The surfactant in Badger Green products is so powerful that almost all chemical and organic molecular bonds are broken up. The combined effects of reduced surface tension in water and the elimination of the bonds holding the contaminant [dirt, grease, etc.] make cleaning and degreasing a snap. The contaminant is simply washed away, leaving no residue.

A simple test you can do yourself is to mix Badger Green Heavy Duty [HD] with synthetic oil. After just five or ten minutes, water will have quickly separated itself from the solution. After about one or two hours, you will see another layer floating on top of the water. Soon, the floating layer itself will stratify. The pure organic oil will be on the top, with the layers of synthetic additives under it, which makes this product a splitter. The chemical structure of the oil is completely separated into its base elements.

It is the tension-active properties of Badger Green products that make them so effective. Even extremely hard to clean soot is easily removed after treatment with Badger Green. Badger Green will clean and degrease just about anything faster and more thoroughly than any other product on the market.

Free Of Phosphates

Phosphates are added to detergents because calcareous water (water containing large concentrations of trace elements such as calcium and magnesium) highly weaken a product’s cleaning power. The phosphates also slow down the negative affects lyme has on a cleaning product, so cleaning efficiency is maintained. Phosphates are harmful to the environment because they promote the growth of algae. They also rob the water of vital oxygen and destroy underwater life.

Our products are immune to calcium and magnesium ions and therefore need no phosphates. Clearly this is a major advantage to the environment.

The Function Of Surfactants in the Biodestruction

The biodestruction of surfactants is where most problems occur when complying with environmental protection laws. Moreover, proving the rate/amount of biodestruction of these materials is hard to prove. Our surfactant is EPA approved.
Sweden has developed a procedure known as the STURM test that can determine the exact rate of breakdown for tensides [surfactants]. This test will probably be adopted as a standard in Europe. All cleaners and degreasers will have to meet the STURM standards. The STURM test actually slows the biological breakdown of the materials so that the rate of breakdown for each element can be measured individually and exactly. The future standard for surfactants biodestruction specifies what the percentage of breakdown over a 28 day period will be, at a minimum, between 20% and 70%. The two surfactants in Badger Green break down at 22% and over 70% respectively. Our products meet the projected standards now, which puts us a step ahead of the competition for a long time to come.