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Supplying Cleaning Solutions to Restaurant, Cleaning, Oil Industry and more

About Us

We are a company that got tired of hearing about “Green” products that are not “Green.” We are a company that got tired of hearing about bio-degradable products that are not bio-degradable. We are a company that got tired of hearing about safe products and, you guessed it, are not safe. We also got tired of trying weak “Green” products that couldn’t do the job. So we developed our own product that does everything and more that the others claim to do.

We also got tired of wondering why cancer and other diseases are so prevalent today. Forty years ago cancer was not a given when you hit fifty years old. Today its not a matter of “if” you are going to get cancer, its a matter of “when” you are going to get it. My colleagues and I sat back and discussed this at length, and we came up with a few answers. The testing has gotten better was one of the conclusions. People are more entrenched in their surroundings at work and play which puts them in touch with more harmful things then years ago was another. There are more people, so there are more chances for them to get sick. But the one idea we all agreed upon was the amount of “harmless” cleaning products that are used everyday without a break in the system.

A few squirts a day of these “Green” and “Bio-degradable” products continue to poison us and our environment, which leads to a toxiceco-system.

This product was designed to do away with adding to this toxic eco-system and giving this planet and us, you and me, a break. What makes this “Green” product any better than the other “Green” products? Well first of all let me explain this, when this country first deceided to start to go green there wasn’t a big enough pool of resources to make “Green” products. For years people were turning to the natural world to come up with green products. Most of the products they came up with did work but they didn’t have the same spontaneous results that the people were accustomed to, using toxic everyday products. Therefore, Green products started getting a bad reputation as not being strong enough to handle the job. It’s a stigma that is now attached to green products. There is one well known Green product out there that is doing very well, and it is green. The problem we have with this product is that it is highly flammable and that has to make you wonder, unless you like cleaning with napalm.

This is where our product comes into the arena. Our product, in its strongest form, has a PH level of an unheard of 11.5. We have even tweaked it to reach a 13.5. For now, being that we have already taken the time to formulate this product for different industries we are going to stick with the 11.5 version. The 13.5 will be available for the oil industry. Why do I say “unheard of?” Ask a chemist if it would be safe for you to clean car grease off your hands with a liquid product that has a PH level of 13.5 and see what he says to you. In laymen terms, if you were to place your hands in a solution with that high of a PH level your skin would start to burn from your hands. So how does this product do this? How is it possible? Well, we can’t really tell you that, but its true, and we will allow anybody to come to our facility and test the PH level and willingly place our hand in the solution just to show how safe it is.

Now, mind you, I am not claiming that every formulation for an industry that comes off the shelf has a PH level of 11.5. We have adjusted each level of PH for each industry. As an example, you do not need a PH solution of 11.5 to remove oxidation on a car when a formulation of 9 will do. At 13.2, it would be overkill and wasteful.

So what does all this PH buisness mean anyway? Lye has a PH level of 14 and I’m sure you heard what lye will do to human bodies. Our product, in one of its lightest formulations, tests at a PH level of 11. Vinegar, which is very good for cleaning and Green, is at about a PH level of 3. Baking soda is at about 8. ammonia is at 11, open the cap of ammonia, take a good smell of it and tell me how “Green” you think that is. Now take a years worth of it and dump it into a nearby stream, because that is what we are unwitingly doing per person. If you are not sure of what I am trying to say, get a PH test kit, or a pool tester, and test the PH level of the “Green” or toxic household cleaning solution you are using and see what it says. After that, read the ingredients, type them into your search engine, and look them up on the internet. This will give you a much better idea of what is being allowed, and accepted, to seep into our eco-system. If you look up our ingredients you will see that they are non-hazardous.