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Fracing/Oil Industry Incentive

Drilling fluids; One of the main ingredients in Badger Green is sodium silicate, it is frequently used in drilling fluids to stabilize borehole wells and to avoid the collapse of bore walls. It is particularly useful when drill holes pass through argillaceous formations containing swelling clay minerals such as smectite or montmorillonite. Being that this product was created to do away with solvents and other harsh products that are being used in the cleaning and degreasing industries. It is a odd coincidence that some of these same products are used in fracing. It is strongly believed that Badger Green, a Green product, can replace many of the ingredients that the general public is not happy about. It has no phosphates, no solvents, no sodium hydroxide, no butanol, no VOCs, is non caustic, and has no traces of any hidden toxic ingredients whatsoever, yet has the same functionalities as these toxic products. Badger Green is also an oil splitter, it will split oil, product and certain contaminants[not acid] into layers.

Badger Green is not labeled bio-degradable simply because it will be dispersed in millions of gallons of water, it is bio-degradable on it’s own without the help of water. This along with the fact that its PH level is high, 13.7, and you can harmlessly, at will, have the PH level reduced in the well. Badger Green will also remove sulfur. Because it is a water based product a chelating agent can easily be added. Along with the water based background, when cleaning the slurries during treatment for disposal, Badger Green can be removed and reused for extra savings. These are a few more reasons why we believe it would be a Greener solution to fracin

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